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Issue #2 of The Trauma Therapist Newsletter is out!

This month we feature the amazing Adena Bank Lees – Speaker, Author, Consultant, a repeat guest on the podcast and for great reasons: she has that incredible ability to be simultaneously authentic and compassionate while maintaining a sense of humor. I love this woman.

In addition we feature several of the online conferences and events coming up, as well as include several integral trauma books that have just come out.

In our modalities section this month we feature Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute and highlight one of its practitioners/trainers.

In the “Incredible People” section we put the spotlight on some of the therapists who are continuing to do inspiring work:

Mara Tesler Stein, Marshall Lyles, Michele Rosenthal, and Laura Brown, PhD.

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Jill Shanteau, LCSW & Jessica Culp, LPC. Trauma Therapy in The Time of COVID

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