The Trauma Therapist Podcast is about highlighting the journeys of master trauma therapists, as well as individuals who are doing amazing things in the trauma field. Enter my next guest: Kevin Davis of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast. Several months ago, prior to launching my own podcast, The Trauma Therapist Podcast,I came across the Anxiety Coaches Podcast. Kevin Davis and Brian Sellers, co-hosts, both have suffered from anxiety and/or PTSD. When I discovered their podcast I was so inspired by the fact that here were two guys talking about the fact that they have anxiety, sharing their stories with the world and in the process, helping a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t get any help. Now he has a top-ranked podcast and is helping thousands of people all over the world ease the symptoms of their anxiety!
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Christine A. Courtois, PhD, ABPP
Rick Goodwin, MSW RSW