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The Trauma Therapist Podcast is about highlighting the journeys of master trauma therapists, as well as individuals who are doing amazing things in the trauma field. Enter my next guest: Kevin Davis of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast.

Several months ago, prior to launching my own podcast, The Trauma Therapist Podcast,I came across the Anxiety Coaches Podcast. Kevin Davis and Brian Sellers, co-hosts, both have suffered from anxiety and/or PTSD. When I discovered their podcast I was so inspired by the fact that here were two guys talking about the fact that they have anxiety, sharing their stories with the world and in the process, helping a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t get any help.

Now he has a top-ranked podcast and is helping thousands of people all over the world ease the symptoms of their anxiety!


Five years ago Kevin was involved in a serious car accident in which the airbags did not deploy. As a result, Kevin suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder causing him to leave his job and begin working for himself so that he could more effectively manage his symptoms.

Kevin has held certifications in sports nutrition, personal training, CrossFit, and strength and conditioning. He has spent the last 12 years helping countless others lose between 10 and 20, even 100 or more pounds, change their lifestyle, and become more healthy. He also started by doing this himself…through a more primal lifestyle, exercise, and real food he was able to lose 80 pounds and gain health and self-confidence.

Kevin is now in the process of obtaining a Master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in crisis response and trauma.

Kevin’s Advice for Anxiety Sufferers:

  • Reach out to a therapist as soon as you can!
  • Find a therapist who knows and understands what you’re going through so that you can receive validation. This is key!

Kevin’s Advice for Therapists:

  • It’s key that individuals with anxiety understand 1) that they’re not alone and 2) that what they’re going through is not strange.
  • Having clients share their struggles and stories with others going through the same this is crucial.

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