The Trauma Therapist Project

The Trauma Therapist Project is about ordinary people interested in learning about, and/or currently doing the courageous and inspiring work of helping individuals who have been impacted by trauma.

My name is Guy Macpherson. I have a PhD in clinical psychology, am license-eligible, and specialize in trauma and early psychosis treatment.

If you are a therapist, psychologist, counselor, social worker, yogi, or anyone else who works with traumatized individuals, and looking for support, inspiration, or interested in learning from the thought-leaders and master therapists in this field, then welcome!

My goal withThe Trauma Therapist Project is to bring support, education and inspiration—through both the Trauma Therapist | Podcast and Trauma Therapist | 2.0— to the process of becoming and being a trauma therapist.

Being a trauma therapist is much more than accumulating a library of knowledge or attending the major conferences. (Both of which are necessary!)
It also includes the conscious honing and developing of our own self-awareness, presence and authenticity, as well as maintaining a vibrant personal and professional support system.
Thank you for checking out my site, and for being a part of this inspiring community.



Becoming A Trauma Therapist: Free Online Training