Therapists healing vets ebook

One of my goals with creating The Trauma Therapist Project, and then The Trauma Therapist | Podcast, was to give back to those members of my family who served. My father and brother.

This ebook is just a sampling of some of the interviews I've done with therapists (some veterans, others not) who are working to help our vets heal.

There is pure gold in these transcripts. And whether you're working with veterans or not,  if you're on your trauma-informed journey, and working with individuals who've been traumatized, you will be blown away by the passion, the dedication, and the inspiration these guests share.

What This Ebook Is
This ebook is a 130 page compilation of 8 transcribed podcast interviews I've done with individuals such as Ed Tick, Peter Bernstein, Charles Figley and Kathy Platoni. 

Who This Ebook Is For
This ebook is for anyone interested in or currently working wtih those who've been traumatized. The interviews in this ebook are passionate, their inspiring, and their educational.

Whether you're working with vets or not, you will walk away feeling inspired about continuing to do this amazing work. 

Thank you,