One of the best ways to learn how to work with individuals who’ve been impacted by trauma is to watch and learn from the masters.

I’ve teamed up with to bring you this online course by one of the leaders in the field of psychotherapy, Irvin Yalom.

Irvin Yalom and The Art of Psychotherapy

What you get in this course:

  • –7.5 hours of videos including 4 hours with Irvin Yalom in session with 3 different clients.
  • –Thorough behind-the-scenes commentary to provide insight into Yalom’s therapeutic interventions.
  • –In-depth interview exploring how Yalom’s entire career, from his first therapy case to his contributions in group and existential psychotherapy, sets the foundation for his approach to psychotherapy.
  • –Supplemental skill-building activities to practice some core skills demonstrated by Yalom.
  • –Written transcript of all videos.
  • –Permanent access to all course materials.
  • –Earn up to 7.5 CE Credits, included in the Course. (click here for the complete list of CE Approvals)


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