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I’m honored to have Jane Clapp back, this time for 2.0.

Jane, as you’ll recall, was on episode 168 of the podcast, and she is a master of mind, body and soul.

While it is widely accepted that mindfulness is necessary to shape the body, Jane asserts that the body is one of the most powerful alchemic tools for shaping the mind. This is crucial for those of us who work with trauma.

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A practitioner in the holistic health industry for two decades, Jane combines holistic personal training, yoga, ELDOA, fascial stretch therapy, tensegrity therapy, and mindfulness interventions with tension and trauma healing to help clients gain strength, mobility and resilience.

As the founder of Urbanfitt, Jane has helped more than 1000 clients improve emotional and nervous system regulation, positively shift neuroplasticity and release somatized stress and trauma. Through her revolutionary coaching sessions and workshops, Jane ensures people not only feel better, but become better.

An experienced and illuminating speaker, widely consulted media expert and internationally recognized author, Jane is available for personal, group and corporate training as well as international speaking engagements.

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