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Jamie is a bit of a creative powerhouse: dancer, singer, guitar player, and therapist. And what she does so well is to channel that creativity into the trauma work she does. As a result, she is inspiring the next wave of trauma clinicians to trust themselves to be who they are, and then incorporate that trust and daring into the therapeutic work they do. This breeds authenticity and presence.

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Dr. Jamie Marich is the author of three books on trauma: Trauma Made Simple (2014),Trauma and the Twelve Steps (2012), and EMDR Made Simple (2011).

Jamie began her career as a humanitarian aid worker in post-war Bosnia from 2000-2003, an experience she recently shared through a TEDx talk this past week.

Jamie travels internationally as an invited continuing education speaker on topics connected to trauma, addiction, and mindfulness. She is the creator of the Dancing Mindfulness practice and now leads a team of international facilitators in the mindfulness and trauma-informed practice. Jamie still maintains a private practice in her hometown of Youngstown, OH, primarily specializing in EMDR as a treatment modality.

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