Paul Riedner

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Paul Riedner is the Executive Director of the startup non-profit called the Veteran Resilience Project which uses EMDR to address a number of after-effects of military service and war.

Paul has an Economics degree and an MBA focused on business anthropology and consumer behavior. From 2006 – 2010 he was a Deep Sea Diver in the US Army. Since returning from war and the military, Paul began exploring how to use art to express his changing perspectives and to connect the public with the experiences and struggles of returning veterans.

The Quote

Once you label me you negate me.
Søren Kierkegaard

Paul’s Why

There’s nothing like serving. And there’s nothing like serving veterans.

Paul’s Advice

  • Consider the community’s part in the narrative of the veterans’ experiences.
  • Veterans are not just veterans. Be open to the other parts and experiences of who they are.

Interview Links

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