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Several months ago, while getting one of my daily Twitter fixes, I came across a post by this week’s guest, Kat Love‚Äč.

I recall clicking on the photo which then took me to Kat’s website. I remember reading about their background, their past, and their trauma history, and how they were using that to help therapists create more efficient websites.

I thought to myself, this is exactly the person I’d love to have on the podcast–someone who’s been able to utilize their traumatic past, not only to create a business for themselves, but in the process, help others.

Meet Kat Love. Kat is the founder and lead designer of Empathysites a website solution for therapists. Inspired by the way therapists helped them heal from childhood sexual abuse, they chose to specialize in creating therapist websites. Kat’s focus is on creating websites that are easy-to-use, professional, and truly reflect who a therapist is so that they can attract their best-fit clients.

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