Carl Wagget

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Carl Waggett has been a full-time firefighter for the past 14 years, and Acting Captain for 4 of them.  After a fellow firefighter and close friend of Carl’s ended his own life, Carl removed himself from the front line trucks only to be diagnosed with PTSD a short time afterward. Carl says he’s learning that there are many sides to this very intelligent disorder, and would simply like to share his experiences in the hope that others understand that PTSD is more of a winnable battle then you think.

Carl started his podcast, PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain, after his experiences with PTSD and to help other first responders.

Carl’s Advice For Trauma Workers

  • The important thing to instill in yourself is to work on yourself all the time. Work on being healthy and on being an example to the people you’re going to treat.

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