Jean-Paul Bédard

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Jean-Paul Bédard is an author, advocate, elite endurance athlete, and  was named one of the “50 Most Influential Canadians” by Huffington Post.

In 2013, Jean-Paul disclosed to family and friends that he is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and rape. As a result, he turned to long-distance running to help him battle his addiction and mental health issues. Since that time, he has become an international advocate for other survivors of sexual violence.  In 2014, Jean-Paul ran the iconic Boston Marathon twice in the same day in a highly publicized campaign. In 2015 he was awarded the “Golden Shoe Award” for being named “Canadian Runner of the Year“.

As a Brooks sponsored athlete and veteran of over 130 marathons and ultra marathons, Jean-Paul represented Canada in the prestigious Comrades Marathon in South Africa, a grueling 90km race through mountainous terrain. In the fall of 2015, Jean-Paul ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon three times in the same day to demonstrate the resiliency of survivors of trauma.

The Quote

Who knew that 25 years ago that for better or for worse…that it would be your worst that would make you better.
Jean Paul’s wife

Jean-Paul’s Advice to therapists and trauma workers

  • Attempt to view addiction not from an aura of punishment but rather from the perspective of how it might be helping the person.

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