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My name is Guy Macpherson. I am a husband, father and a brother. I have a doctorate in clinical psychology and focus on the study of trauma and early psychosis. My passion is raising the awareness of trauma and helping trauma therapists thrive.

I do this by helping trauma clinicians engage more effectively and deeply with their clients by:

  • Sharing trauma information and materials
  • The Trauma Therapist Podcast
  • Trauma Therapist elite

For the last six years I have dedicated myself to the study of trauma psychology, trauma therapy, post-traumatic growth, and most recently, the intersection of trauma and psychosis, specifically the signs of early psychosis.

Show Notes

In this, another episode of Trauma Therapist Live, we continue a discussion on the topic of Becoming a Trauma Therapist.

Today the topic is Starting.

  • How do we actually begin working with individuals who have been traumatized?
  • What do we say, or do? And not say or do?
  • What are some of the common struggles?
  • How do we manage the recognition of our own needs against those of our client’s?

In this episode I share a few personal stories which have happened to me recently in which I have gotten into discussions with colleagues about just this topic.

Check out the episode and let me know your thoughts by shooting me an email here.

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