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Originally from New York City, Suzy began her career in television working as a production assistant and segment producer for a variety of programs including, Ryan’s Hope, Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Program and Live! Regis & Kathie Lee.

After the birth of her daughter, Suzy earned a Master’s of Education in Parent and Child Development from Bank Street College of Education in New York City.

Shortly after moving to Newtown, CT. in 2003, her middle child, seven at the time, suffered a severe and life threatening accident–a trauma that put everything else in their lives on hold for months.

Suzy says that While the treatment received for the physical injury was excellent, we were largely unprepared for the residual effects of the stored trauma which we would come to learn, endure on and off indefinitely; yet with the proper help can be substantially mitigated.

In 2007, Suzy launched Parenting With New Perspectives, a resource of guidance, support, and coaching for parents.

Suzy is a mother to three children: Quincy, 23; Cary, 19 and Barrett, 17.

The Quote

Do what you feel in your heart is right, for you will be criticised anyway.
Eleanor Roosevelt

A Crucial Early Mistake

I think I would have vetted people, specialists, better.

I’m Going to fix this and get the best.

Suzy’s Why

Why do I do this? Because I think it, trauma is the root of much of what’s wrong with society.

Suzy’s Advice

  • The relationship matters. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have on the wall. You’ve got to really connect with the person and who they are.
  • Be willing to learn from your client.
  • Be open to alternative therapies, even if they’re not completely evidence-based yet.
  • Advice for parents of kids who’ve had stressful experiences: learn how to listen nonjudgmentally.
  • Hear what your kids are saying and don’t be so quick to jump in with the answers.

Suzy’s Go-To Books

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