Tracy Brown

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Tracy is a nutrition therapist, registered licensed dietitian and attuned eating coach in private practice providing in-person, phone and online counseling since 2006. Tracy specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and eating problems for both adults and children.

Tracy’s experiences center on counseling and coaching in outpatient and intensive outpatient eating disorder settings and mindful, intuitive eating individual and group sessions. She maintains both an in-person and online practice with people from all over the country. Tracy has worked with individuals and groups on healing their worries with food, weight, body image and movement, championing their freedom through connection with their inner wisdom, using nutrition information gently and relying on intuitive eating.

Tracy also uses a personality based psychological and spiritual system called the Enneagram to help clients see where habitual ego patterns get them stuck (especially with food or body image issues) and how to operate more from the current moment as well as somatic tracking, grounding, resourcing and other tools to help people feel their own experiences to foster embodiment.

The Quote

Curiosity. Compassion. Courage.

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Tracy shares how her own experiences of difficulties with body image inspired her to help others.

An Early Mistake

Tracy talks about how her eagerness and desire to do too much for her clients once interfered with her providing the best treatment she could.

Tracy’s Why

I get to see the unfolding of my clients and see the ripples of their wholeness.

Tracy’s advice

  • For therapists interested in helping their clients: Gently bring up the idea of looking at issues first from a non-dietary perspective. 
  • Be curious and compassionate.
  • Explore the idea of intuitive eating.

Tracy’s go-to books

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