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Theresa Vigarino is a Transformational Life Coach, Relationship Expert, Author and Speaker.  She has recently developed a system to assist women in recovering from traumatic relationships and creating a New Love Story.  Through her own personal traumatic experiences, her studies in neuroscience, emotional healing, spirituality and quantum physics, Theresa guides her clients to freedom from pain and leads them to writing a New Love Story!  Theresa teaches her clients how to apply this information to every area of their lives.

The Quote

There’s always hope, and the best is yet to come.

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Theresa shares how the path of her own life story influenced and pulled her to do the incredible work she does.

Theresa’s Why

What keeps me going is working with others, it’s a gift to be able to have this flow come through me. This is a soul purpose for me and it’s God’s gift through me.

Theresa’s advice

  • For the therapists out there: Keep your spirits up. Keep doing what you’re doing. Do it for the love of it. And try not to be attached to the outcome. Enrich your own life.
  • For victims: If you’re really stuck in the story, in the negative thought loop, realize and believe that there is hope. Set yourself an appointment every day that you’re going to grieve. And then when that time is done, it’s done! Then you make the choice to transition. Go do something else, anything else!

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