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Dr. Theresa Larson received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Saint Augustine in San Diego California. She is a former Marine Corps Engineer Officer and Combat Veteran. Theresa played professional softball in Italy as well as semi-professional softball in the United States, was an All- American Division I softball player at Villanova University, as well as a former Body-for-Life Champion.

In addition to being part of the staff at MobilityWOD and an instructor for CrossFit Mobility courses, Dr. Larson’s activities include writing for The Lab, and working on her forthcoming book Warrior.

Theresa has guest coached the special warfare students at CrossFit University of San Diego and has created an adaptive strength class for the wounded warriors from Balboa Naval Hospital, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Team Red White and Blue, and anyone and everyone who has adaptive needs.

Theresa’s mission is to help you “beyond the clinic walls” in your element to achieve your performance goals and tackle the “why” behind your bodies movement inefficiencies!

The Quote

The secret to strength lies in the quiet mind.
The White Eagle

A Crucial Early Mistake

Theresa shares a very personal story about her own experience with trauma and the lessons she’s learned and continues to learn.

Theresa’s Why

The connection with the relationships I’m building keeps me going! I enjoy the fact that I can show people that they can get better.

Theresa’s advice

Find someone who is doing what you want to do, practicing the way you want to practice, and working with the individuals you’d like to worth. Then go work with them.

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