Geri Henderson
Geri Henderson
Seanne Larson Emerton
Seanne Larson Emerton
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Today, for the first time I interview two guests, a therapist along with her client. Seanne Larson Emerton and Geri Henderson have an interesting relationship which has evolved over the past several years. It began as therapist and client and after several years shifted into that of co-authors.

Seanne Larson Emerton, L.M.F.T., L.I.M.H.P., has been in private practice for over twenty five years and is the owner of a group counseling practice and EAP called Family Resources of Greater NE, P.C.

Seanne enjoys her work as a marriage and family therapist and a strategic life coach and especially appreciates the power of working with systems, whether family or organizational, using emotional intelligence assessment and coaching.

Geri Henderson, PhD is an English teacher andi has taught in the US but mostly overseas in countries worldwide. She is currently teaching literature and writing in Europe for the University of Maryland, having previously spent two years in Asia.

Seanne and Geri are co-authors of the book, Healing from Incest: Intimate Conversations With my Therapist.

The Quotes

Miracles are seen in light, light and strength are one.
A Course in Miracles

Keep working.

Geri’s Advice

  • When you’re working with a therapist

Seanne’s Advice

  • It’s important to trust yourself.
  • Do excellent self-care and cultivate the ability to be centered.
  • Get good quality peer supervision

Geri & Seanne’s Go-To Books

Interview Links

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