Beck Gee Cohen

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Beck Gee-Cohen is back!

Beck joined me previously on episode 74 of The Trauma Therapist | Podcast.

I truly love having Beck on the podcast because he brings a powerful authenticity to the way he incorporates his own story and struggles and strengths into the work he does. And that inspires me!

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Today Beck continues to train clinicians and facility staff on LGBTQ+ issues, helps facilities establish LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, and provides program development for facilities that want to expand their services to LGBTQ+ populations.

Beck helps institutions through his company, BGC Consulting and also works with LGBTQ identified young people and their families to help navigate educational institutions and treatment settings as an associate consultant at The Romeyn Collective.

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California Prisons, Safety and Clinicians. Damon Wood
Combat Veterans & Confronting The Reality of Trauma. Duane France

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