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Today on the podcast, Bryanna Dee. Bryanna is a transformational coach, speaker, and podcast host who is committed to personal activism—campaigning for transformation of society through the transformation of individuals—in both personal and professional settings.

For years Bryanna was living what felt like a double life.

By day, she was chasing her passion of mental health advocacy through the pursuit of a law degree, while working in nonprofit organizations, mental institutions, prisons, and court rooms; places where shadow and hardship were highlighted and often inflated.

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By night, Bryanna was obsessively seeking to expand her own personal healing through studying spiritual teachings and new age personal development; places where shadow and hardship were diminished and deemed as negative (sometimes outright, sometimes by implication).

Bryanna realized that there was a huge gap between the mental health industry and the wellness industry and became frustrated with the limitations of each.

In one, there was judgment and doom and dread, leaving little hope for human transformation; in the other, there were limitless possibilities… that only applied if you could just be a lighter, better version of yourself. A version that felt so incredibly far away from current version of her Self, and from the current version of the individuals she was working with.

While still passionate about advocating for mental health, Bryanna began to understand that true healing—of individuals or of the broken systems—was not going to occur through either of these stories. Her passion was not her purpose. She wasn’t sure exactly what her purpose was yet, but she knew it was time to let go of the dream of a career in mental health legal advocacy that she had worked so hard for over the last decade to find out.

So, six months after graduating law school, she quit her legal job, put her belongings in storage, and moved across the country to chase her purpose.

To find the truth of the light inside of the shadow: the Shadowlight. To share her story with radical vulnerability and authenticity. To guide others to do the same.

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