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Tiffany Chhuom, LSWAIC, CDP-T, MPH, MSW offers 18 years of professional experience practice, policy, research and administration that she used previously to contribute communication plans, marketing strategies and social media use policies for NASW-WA while also serving on our Communications Committee.

As a therapist,Tiffany treats veterans, people with disabilities, and survivors of all forms of violence (e.g. workplace harassment, campus sexual assault, Military Sexual Trauma, stalking, cyber abuse, rape, and childhood abuse).

Her new practice, Lucy in the Sky: Therapy for the Gifted, aims to serve gifted adults, those living with disabilities and those surviving trauma and addiction. She is particularly interested in how all of these things intersect as a practitioner, speaker and writer.

As the new NASW Standards for Technology in Social Work Practice influence our field, Tiffany recently completed advanced training in the UW Department of Bioethics where she will advance in ethics consultation.

Specifically, Tiffany has contributed original research, clinical skill, campaign management and organizational leadership on the use of technology and health in practice, enterprise, and research.

Her hope is to help practitioners, organizations, educators and policy makers remain relevant and compliant in our ever-evolving Digital Era.

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