Nate Postlethwait

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Nate Postlethwait (Postal-weight) recently left a successful 13-year career in real estate to begin sharing his story of overcoming complex trauma.

Nate is 41 years old and has been in therapy for 23 years fighting to make sense of much of what he was experiencing in his mind and body.

Nate, and the fact that he’s now sharing his story, and the way that he’s sharing his story, is what this podcast is all about.

It’s called courage.

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Nate Postlethwait’s greatest desire is for others to know and understand the difference between dysfunction and trauma, and where to go to get the appropriate help. He hopes to be a pioneer in the way people perceive male sexual abuse and the process for male victims. He is currently traveling the world for a year while building this platform, and personally putting all the disciplines in place to make self care a top priority.

His blog and podcast launched just 2 months ago, and already, have gathered thousands of followers.

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You can not postpone life for life, because then when you get there, your heart can no longer hold the dream.
Dan Allender

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