Ricky Greenwald

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Dr. Greenwald is the founder and executive director of the Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute, affiliate professor at the SUNY University at Buffalo School of Social Work, and a fellow of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Greenwald is the author of numerous professional articles as well as several books, including EMDR in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy (1999), Trauma and Juvenile Delinquency (editor; 2002), Child Trauma Handbook (2005), EMDR Within a Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment (2007), Treating Problem Behaviors (2009), and Progressive Counting (2013). His work has been translated into over a dozen languages. Dr. Greenwald is the developer of Progressive Counting and of the Fairy Tale phase model of trauma-informed treatment, and a pioneer in intensive trauma-focused therapy.

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