Rachel Mann

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In 2007, Rachel Mann left her tenured position as a faculty member and administrator at the University of Virginia to start a private practice working in the fast emerging, alternative field of shamanic energy medicine, a form of treatment in part adapted from the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and Andes. She continues to work in Academia as a faculty member at Atlantic University which offers an online MA in Transpersonal Psychology.

Rachel has 2 decades of experience doing anti-racism and anti-violence training and education and was the co-director of The Art of Surviving, a traveling and digital exhibit of art, poetry and personal narratives by survivors of sexual violence sponsored by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Action Alliance funded by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities in 2002-03.

The Quote

The Heart Chant
The Venerable Tahani

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

From looking at the literature and oral narrative to the literature of psychology and therapy, and the interdisciplinary perspective on trauma.

An Early Clinical Error

Rachel talks about doubting herself when she was just starting out, lacking self-confidence.

Rachel’s Why

I love human begins, and I love humanity, and I love Mother Earth, and I keenly feel the pain that all of us feel.

Rachel’s Advice

  • Really learn to honor all sides of yourself.
  • Explore more deeply the spiritual dimension of the practices that are part of our healing legacy.
  • Be willing to connect to the soul that connects us all.

Rachel’s Go-To Books

Interview Links

The Capacity To Be A Kind Witness. Rachel Goldsmith Turow, PhD
Recovery Is A Journey. Debbie Millman

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