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A. Steven Frankel PhD, JD, ABPP, is a clinical psychologist (PSY3354) and an Attorney at Law licensed in California (SBN192014), and The District of Columbia (1009135). He is a Diplomate in both Clinical and Forensic Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology. He earned his PhD at Indiana University, and interned at the Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University.  He then joined the full-time faculty of the University of Southern California, where he served for eleven years, including five years as the Chair of Clinical Psychology (Director of Clinical Training). Although he is no longer full-time, he remains a Clinical Professor of Psychology at USC.

The Quote

Walk in like you own the place
Dr. Frankel’s father

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Dr. Frankel shares how he almost accidentally got into the field of psychology and then by sharing an experience he had with one of his first clients, how the specialization of trauma almost found him.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Dr. Frankel relates an honest early account of how he inappropriately “therapized” a client without properly preparing this person for the trauma treatment she desperately needed.

Dr. Frankel’s Why

Dr. Frankel shares two whys. First he talks about how he’s motivated by the understanding that sometimes we cannot truly know why trauma happens and how this has provided him with a certain strength to continue day to day with his work. Second, he is able to draw upon his own experiences of loss and grief from a very early age.

Dr. Frankel’s Advice

  • Take courses from people who can not only do the work but who can teach it, as well!
  • Participate in a peer-consultation group.

Dr. Frankel’s 2 go-to books

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