Steve Dansiger, PsyD

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Dr. Steve played CBGB and Max’s Kansas City in the late 70s; drank, played in a toy rock band and then got sober in the 80s; became an international educator and rocker again in the 90s; and a sought after clinician and meditation teacher in the 2000s.

Dr. Steve has attempted to cure Marc Maron on WTF, and has become an EMDR Certified therapist, Approved Consultant and provider of EMDR Basic Training with Jamie Marich’s Institute for Creative Mindfulness.

With Buddhist teacher Noah Levine he helped set up the premiere Buddhist addictions rehab center, Refuge Recovery Centers and is currently putting finishing touches on his book and workshop series Clinical Dharma, giving regular talks at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society and with his own DharmaSpring, beginning production of two podcasts, seeing patients, and supervising and guiding young clinicians. At all other times, he is wrangling and entertaining his 6 year old daughter.

The Quote

May you be free from fear
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be at ease
The Buddha

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Steve has an incredibly varied background and he takes the time to share how certain events in his past influenced his path and ultimately his decision to work with individuals who have been traumatized.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Steve talks a lot about beating himself up as a young clinician and being hard on himself for the mistakes he’d make, and then how he was inspired to kind of let go by the words of one of his mentors.

Steve’s Why

Some of my why has to do with me wanting to see how this all of this–life–is going to turn out… I think about the people who’ve helped me, and i think about the people who tell me that I’ve helped them, and I almost can’t stop being in that flow of helping others.

Steve’s Advice

  • Self-care is absolutely crucial. And self-care that speaks to you!
  • Read. Read. Read.
  • Really let yourself be advised, encouraged, consulted, and inspired by experienced trauma therapists.
  • Seek consultation with people who are in your wheelhouse, i.e. from those who practice the same modality as yourself, but also from those outside of it.

Steve’s Go-To Books

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