Fabio Fina

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Fabio Fina exemplifies what I hope this podcast is about.

He’s passionate.
He’s compassionate.
And he’s inspiring in his quest to help others heal from trauma.

I met Fabio through email about two months ago.

I had just published another podcast episode on what is quickly becoming a kind of series on indigenous trauma healers.

Check out:

A few days later I received an email from Fabio in which he introduced himself and attached a spreadsheet replete with the names and URLs of indigenous healers he considered to be his mentors. He kindly offered that I could invite these individuals on the podcast.

I thought to myself, This guy is amazing.  

Needless to say, I emailed everyone on the list.

And then I thought, I’ve got to have Fabio on, as well.

I’m so glad he agreed to come on.

Fabio is a career guide, a cultural explorer, a psychotherapist, and social worker in Denver, Colorado. He is originally from Italy, and as an immigrant is familiar with the challenges that come with living with feet in two-worlds.

He believes that our role as psychotherapists is to be healers of soul wounds and to midwife people into healthy adulthood while planting seeds of cultural hope in this time of great transition.

Fabio holds an Associate Degree in Political Science, a Bachelor in Consciousness and Social Change Studies and he is scheduled to graduate in May 2018 with an MSW.

He holds a particular interest in indigenous studies, historical trauma, post- and de-colonial psychology.

The Quote

In fond memory of all the plant forms and their people in Europe: the many Asians; Africa; the Middle East; North, Central, And South America: Micronesia: Melanesia: and Polynesia who have been forced into nonsustainable mechanical food production, genetically altered, culturally GMO’d, or who have disappeared altogether.

It is not enough to save heritage seeds.

The culture of those people to whom each seed belongs must be kept alive along with seeds and their cultivation.

Not in freezers or museums, but in their own soil and our daily lives.

Martín Prechtel, The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic: The Parallel Lives of People as Plants: Keeping the Seeds Alive.

Fabio’s Why

This is about my own soul journey and showing up as a story weaver of people’s traumas and their journeys and then how that connects to the whole picture. I’m doing this to help create the groundwork for future generations; to hopefully one day find a place in the world that is sane and healthy.

Fabio’s Advice

  • Go slow. Trust your body, even if it’s been a place that hasn’t been safe.
  • Start with one book–Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, Peter Levine
  • Trust your nervous system to unfold.

Fabio’s Go-To Books

Episode Links

Authentic Parenting & Trauma Treatment. Anna Seewald
If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going. Carl Waggett

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