Tara Cantrell

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Tara is a beginning trauma therapist who works as a private practitioner in Charlotte, NC. She holds a Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Montreat College and provides evidence based therapies for trauma including EMDR and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Tara specializes in working with women who have been sexually abused. Before becoming a licensed therapist, Tara did direct care work in inpatient and residential settings working with individuals with eating disorders, substance abuse, physical aggression, and suicidality, noting that so often these challenges were rooted in trauma. This set the stage for her specialization in trauma.

The Quote

Courage dear heart.
C.S. Lewis

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Tara shares the story of how her husband’s nightmares and his experience with utilizing EMDR to help him heal, influenced her decision to specialize in trauma therapy.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Tara shares a story about how she learned to become aware of her reactions and the role they play within the context of being present with a client.

Tara’s Why

I see the power of what trauma therapy can do, and the hope that it can provide. Now, I live for giving that hope.

Tara’s Advice

  • Don’t wing it! Get good training in something that fits you.
  • Get good consultation. Have a mentor.

Tara’s Go-To Books

Episode Links

The Physical & Emotional Connection. Cynthia Price.
Therapy Outside Normal Environments. Nick Cardone

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