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Robert is a US Navy Veteran (Hospital Corpsman) who was diagnosed with PTSD in Jan 2016. After a long battle with his internal demons, he decided to immerse himself in ancient practices as a means to master his mind.

During his time on active duty after deployment, Robert attempted suicide 2 times and was placed on anti-depressants and sleeping medications. After battling an addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills when as he was coming off active duty, the thought that he had a serious problem didn’t really cross his mind. At that point, Robert fell into the toxic pattern of, what he calls the “bullet proof” facade, most military men wear and so did not want to admit to himself or anyone else that he had a problem. 

As long as he kept things together on the outside and his career life was going good, that’s all that mattered. Robert kept this whole song and dance up for 8 years.  In the midst of a drug addiction, toxic relationships and his career life falling apart, he attempted suicide again in 2015, two years after he lost his father to suicide in 2013.

I did what most Veterans do to seek help, I went to the local VA and got an eval. The social worker told me that I was a danger to myself and others and I was later told that I have a sever case of PTSD so I need help right away. I asked for that help but I was told that I would need to wait about 5 months for an appointment with the mental health specialist. As a vet that attempted suicide weeks earlier, this was not the way forward.

I read a study about the VA giving a series of yoga classes to 120 Veterans with PTSD at the University of Indiana. The results were amazing, reduced anxiety, reduced stress, ability to control mood swings, ability to get better sleep, form healthy relationships and overall better state mind/quality of life.

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