Jane Latimer

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Today, a somewhat controversial, and yet very relevant topic with Jane Latimer​: Psychedelics and the treatment of trauma.

Jane Latimer has more than 30 years of experience working with trauma, eating disorder and addiction recovery, as well as nature and expressive arts healing.

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Jane Latimer is the author of two books on eating disorder recovery, and the founder of the first spiritually-informed online recovery program, Bodyway.

Through the years working with clients suffering with CPTSD and related addictions, Jane has discovered the power of psychedelics for getting to places that are otherwise impossible to access.

As she witnesses the power of psychedelics to help individuals heal from crippling CPTSD, she has become an advocate and activist on behalf of psychedelic psychotherapy.

Despite the fact that this podcast addresses the use of psychedelic substances, we (Guy Macpherson and Jane Latimer) are not condoning or promoting the illegal use of psychedelics.  Please be aware that many of these substances are still illegal throughout the world despite reported benefits and scientific research.  This podcast is for educational and harm reduction purposes only.  We do not take any responsibility over your actions based on the information presented.

To start your research on the legal status of particular substances, go to:



Something larger than my life, my soul, is down on its knees with admiration, saluting my journey. My soul is washing my feet as an expression of the courage it takes to be human, to be born and to forget that oneness and then to struggle back toward it. –Jane’s former client

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Carl Waggett. First Responders, Trauma & Healing

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