Mike Shook

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When I invited this week’s guest on to the podcast, he emailed me back and said, Sure, I’d love to. But I have to tell you that my specialty isn’t trauma. I’m not a trauma therapist.

I responded and said, Mike, yes, I mostly have individuals who are specializing in the treatment of trauma. But I also have other folks on, as well. I have yogis, and practitioners who focus on mindfulness. Trauma is the commonality, certainly. One of my objectives is to have inspiring people on the podcast, too. And you’re definitely inspiring.

So, let me introduce you to Mike Shook.

Mike is husband to Becca and father to John. He has lived in China since 2007, where he worked for an NGO caring for children with medical needs before beginning a career in mental health counseling with expatriates living in Beijing.

Mike holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Palo Alto University and serves on the leadership team of his Chi Sigma Iota chapter.  He also serves as a leader and elder in his church, Oasis Christian Fellowship in Beijing. Mike loves Jesus, his family, reading, beer, good food, and the outdoors. Mike is also the host of The Thoughtful Counselor podcast.

The Quote

Weeping may endure for a night,
But joy comes in the morning.

The Book Of Psalms

A Crucial Early Mistake

Mike shares a story about his practicum experience when he began working with a very shy woman from Nigeria. He talks about how unequipped he felt and the fact that, he didn’t give his whole heart to bearing witness to her story.

Mike’s Why

I want to make a difference in some simple way. I want to be present with people who are in pain, as best as I can.

Mike’s Advice

  • Never stop learning. Always be immersing yourself in something that enhances your imagination or work. And this could be a great novel.
  • Read novels! They give us creative ways in seeing what people are experiencing.
  • Don’t let your failures stop you or take over and stop you from being present.

Mike’s Go-To Books

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