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Peter is the founder and Executive Director of Gateway Mountain Center, a youth development organization innovating how youth learn, heal and thrive.  He has enjoyed a 40-year career guiding people into mountain experiences and being an entrepreneur in embodied peak experience.  Peter has traversed a trajectory from world-class climber, to Chief Guide of the Yosemite Mountaineering School, to founder of CityRock – the first full service climbing gym in the world. Today, Peter is passionate about changing the system of care for youth suffering from serious emotional disturbance and complex trauma.  

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Gateway’s program, “Whole Hearts, Minds & Bodies” is the first Nature-Based, therapeutic program to achieve full service partner contracts with County Behavioral Health Departments and Certification as a Medi-Cal provider.

In This Episode

Sharon Stanley, PhD. Forgetting Everything We Know About Trauma
Kelli Palfy, PhD. Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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