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Mrs Parks is the creator of Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT). She is a pioneer and expert in the field of childhood abuse (recognition, treatment and training) – having developed the first inner child method of therapy in the UK. She began teaching this complete ‘stand alone’ therapy model in 1988. It was originally created from her successful self-help efforts in resolving her own personal childhood abuse experiences and has evolved into a structured, rapid, thorough and gentle therapeutic model.

Mrs. Parks is an American who has lived in the UK since 1982. Her work with survivors in England evolved into two books – Rescuing the ‘Inner Child’ (1990, Souvenir Press) – a self-help publication and The Counsellor’s Guide to Parks Inner Child therapy (1994, Souvenir Press). Both books have continuously remained in print.

The Quote

You can do anything you set your mind to
Penny’s youngest daughter’s teacher

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Penny shares the heartwrenching story of how one day she came to the realization that the problems she was experiencing were directly related to the abuse she had suffered as a child. Penny goes on to speak about how she began dealing with her symptoms and created a process which eventually became the treatment methodology she now uses to help others heal.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Penny talks about an early experience she had while working with a young woman who began disclosing the story of her abuse. The woman became emotional and as she was crying Penny tried to comfort her by saying, It’s okay. This young woman then screamed out, No, it’s not okay! After this experience Penny learned the lesson that sometimes one has to remain silent and not feel that they must have the need to fill the void with words.

Penny’s Why

I do this work because the model I’ve created works rapidly and brings people to full resolution, and not just teaches people to cope. We take our clients to full resolution so that they can start being their real selves, the person they would’ve been had the trauma or abuse not occured. 

Penny’s advice

  • Search out specialist-skills training for trauma and abuse, courses that teach resolution.

Penny’s go-to books

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