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Since there is little to no information about the models of healthy masculinity, Onyango began a podcast that tackles the complexities of African Masculinities; from culture, religion, politics, to the historical underpinnings of what informs the African man’s perceptions of himself and his environment, and how these perceptions affect the day to day goings on of his country and the African continent in terms of economy and social health.

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Having grown up in a violent home with an abusive father, men have always made Onyango curious and it is his aim to get other men curious about who they are to help advance research for better policies in the understanding of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

I’m passionate about this work out of personal experiences that affected my childhood and adulthood, that compelled me to want to understand masculinity in depth that I could share with African men and the world. 

I’ve always wanted to understand why they are who they are and these projects are making me help other men get their answers even as I continue to understand masculinity better.

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Sharon Stanley, PhD. Forgetting Everything We Know About Trauma

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