Nina “Anin” Utigaard

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Anin Utigaard is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist based in San Francisco, who uses the Person-Centered approach in her practice with groups and individuals of all ages.

Anin was a founding Co-Chair for the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and a faculty member of the Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute for over ten years, a program founded by Natalie Rogers, Carl Rogers‘ daughter.  

She is adjunct faculty with JFK University and has presented her work nationally and internationally since 1992.  Her work with trauma and adolescents began at ThunderRoad in Oakland in 1991, where she used expressive arts therapy with teens dealing with substance abuse as well as trauma.

Anin has a fine arts and professional music background, and believes that the arts are a transformative power that can change the world we live in.

The Quote

Listen with your eyes, ears, heart and mind.
Anin Utigaard

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Anin talks about the importance that music and art, along with the significance of meeting her mentor, Natalie Rogers, has had in guiding her into the field for trauma and therapy.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Anin talks about the time she was facilitating a group and how during one session she found herself fixated on implementing a particular theme.

Anin’s Why

My why is that this is such inspiring work, to see an individual triumph over their monster–whatever that is for them–and then to watch as they rekindle their own personal gifts and empowerment. This is such a sacred process.

Anin’s advice

  • Find a school or training program that models and fits and will support the approach you’re interested in.
  • Find a mentor!
  • Once you finish school, find a supervisor with whom you can really be honest and be yourself.
  • Find a therapist that you can work with on your own process; maybe someone who works in the same way that you’d like to work.

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