Eduardo Duran, PhD

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Soul wounding, Native, Indigenous cultures and the healing of trauma.

Eduardo Duran, PhD is a psychologist and veteran of the US Navy submarine force and he is pretty amazing.

He’s one of those individuals that makes you think, “Yes, he’s someone I want working to help people who’ve been traumatized.”

Listening to him share his story from novice clinician to learned therapist is nothing short of inspiring.

He is one of the first people to write and bring attention to soul wounding also known as historical trauma.

Ed’s therapeutic work includes a healing philosophy that is deeply ingrained in Indigenous worldviews. He travels to many tribal communities all over the world in order to bring awareness and validate Indigenous clinical and research methods. He has authored 3 books and many papers dealing with soul wounding and how western approaches can be enhanced by integrating cultural responsive strategies into our work.

The Quote

Do not waste your suffering
Eduardo Duran

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Eduardo shares his incredible path which led him from serving on a navy submarine, to then, as a novice therapist, working to help heal an indigenous community.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Ed talks about how much he didn’t know when he began providing care to an indigenous community. It wasn’t soon after he began his work that he quickly became the student and realized how much he had to learn.

Eduardo’s Why

My Why? This is a spiritual task and as a warrior, this is my task.

Eduardo’s Advice

  • Know who you are. Know your tribe. And know the name of your God in your tribe.

Eduardo’s Books

Eduardo’s Go-To Books

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