Mooli Lahad, PhD

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Prof. Mooli Lahad is a senior medical psychologist and has been working with individuals, civilians as well as soldiers and veterans, suffering from PTSD since 1975.

Dr. Lahad is the founder and president of the Community Stress Prevention Center in Kiryat Shmona Israel, the oldest center in the world that deals with community as an ecological entity for recovery and healing pre- and post critical incidents.

Dr. Lahad is the author & co-author of 35 books on resiliency and coping from early childhood to old age and has developed the integrative model of coping and resiliency.

The “BASIC PH” model of coping and resiliency, developed by Prof. Lahad was the first to describe coping as an on-going effort to manage life challenges. This is the first book to be published on this world-renowned approach, widely used as an effective resiliency assessment, intervention, and recovery model. Underpinning the model is the suggestion that every person has internal powers, or coping resources, which can be mobilized in stressful situations; the effort to survive coming from a healthy rather than a pathological instinct.

The Quote

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Mooli talks about being a soldier during the war of 1973, surrounded by friends, other soldiers, and being impacted by how they were mistreated and/or thought of as failures. Mooli set about wanting to change this view.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Mooli shares the story of how his naivete interfered–and to a certain degree sometimes still does interfere–with delivering the level of treatment he wanted.

Mooli’s Why

I keep doing this because I keep feeling for human suffering. I feel that there is a message that I am carrying which has to do with human resilience.

Mooli’s advice

  • Try not to name any of your clients as chronic.
  • Remember that each and every one of us is a miracle.
  • Listen to the way your clients tell their story before you plant on them all of your own wisdom.
  • Try not to be interesting, but rather to be be interested.

Mooli’s go-to books

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