Monique Funk

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With a professional background in both yoga and treatment industry marketing, as well as a personal history of perseverance and recovery, Monique brings a uniquely balanced perspective to her work.

She has been teaching trauma-aware, Psychologically-Informed Yoga ™ in large group and private one-on-one settings since 2006. Keenly interested in the intersection between yoga and behavioral health services, Monique has been published in Addiction Professional Magazine and several other local/national publications. Though not a clinician, she has earned a graduate level certificate in The Clinical Foundations of Trauma from State University of NY, Buffalo, and dedicated much of her life to volunteering in environments that serve disenfranchised or traumatized individuals.

Monique recently launched a Psychologically-Informed Yoga Teacher training program that focuses on serving those in the helping professions. She is also in the process of developing a pilot yoga program which launches this month at the The Shelter for Abused Women in Naples, Florida More about Monique and her work can be found online at

The Quote

We don’t have to travel thousands of miles to distant lands in order to discover something new. Within each of us is a world so mysterious and fascinating, that we can spend a lifetime making new discoveries about our own inner terrain. Those discoveries can be terrifying, but they can also be liberating. Courageous is the traveler who delves into this unknown abyss.

Monique Funk

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Monique shares her own story of being born into a world of complex and generational trauma. She was fortunate enough however to learn successful coping mechanisms. As she grew up she began attracting people into her life with histories of sexual abuse which inspired her to begin helping these people and then to begin learning more and more about healing them.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Monique shares an early experience of when she was just starting out as a yoga instructor and not being aware of her client’s boundaries. This particular experience led to her projecting onto her clients what she thought would work for them, instead of considering first what they might have needed.

Monique’s Why

I have a very strong faith path and a strong nurturing and protective side and feel I have a certain duty to do this work. It’s the successes that keep me going: When a student comes to me and I can see the change in them!

Monique’s advice

  • Be mindful of the balance between the desire to become educated on the one hand, and being obsessed with simply getting an additional modality under your belt.
  • Tune in to your own heart and ask yourself why you’re doing this? Make sure you work on yourself first.

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