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Before I began doing this podcast I never knew there were so many areas that required trauma-informed awareness. I certainly never thought that trauma-informed nutrition was something we needed. And of course, we do. I’m so glad that there are people like my guest out there doing this incredible work!

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Monica Bhagwan is a practitioner and thought-leader in applying an understanding of trauma and trauma-informed care to public health nutrition initiatives.

She currently serves as an educator and program manager at Leah’s Pantry, an innovative public health nutrition non-profit in California.

Leah’s Pantry creates resources, conducts community programs, and provides training to other nutrition professionals. 

They are a leader in applying a trauma-informed lens to food and nutrition programs, an approach Monica initiated and co-leads.

She has a Masters Degree in Food Studies from New York University.

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Owen Marcus. Men, Mindfulness & Somatic psychotherapy

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