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Today I’m very excited to have as my guest, Miles Adcox. 

Miles is an entrepreneur, speaker, host, and coach. He’s leading the way not only in terms of delivering trauma care and treatment to groups and individuals, he’s also paving a clear path to provide a space for therapists and clinicians to do their own inner-work, something I talk a lot about on this podcast. 

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Miles is the Owner and CEO of Onsite, an internationally-known emotional wellness lifestyle brand that offers short and long term experiential therapy workshops designed to help individuals and couples experience a breakthrough and discover a better future. 

Onsite partners with the world’s top therapists specializing in trauma, codependency, process addiction, stress, and burnout, family of origin, and shame resiliency to help people overcome dysfunctional patterns and establish healthy relationships.

Miles’ work at Onsite has been featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dr. Phil Show, and The Doctors. He has consulted major brands on organizational health and emotional wellness and is a communication, personal growth, and mental health consultant to the entertainment industry.

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