Adena Bank Lees

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Adena Bank Lees, LCSW, LISAC, BCETS, CP is an internationally recognized speaker, author, trainer and consultant, providing a fresh and important look at addiction treatment, traumatic stress and recovery. She has provided more than 1000 workshops for professionals around the world on topics related to childhood abuse, PTSD, eating and substance use disorders, other addictions and related mental health issues. Her specialty is childhood sexual abuse, in particular, covert emotional incest.

Adena’s lectures, workshops and presentations are lively, informative, engaging and current.

Participants say they are moved by the integration of information that makes sense to them, sometimes for the very first time. Being introduced to covert emotional incest is often the most powerful and life changing piece participants claim to walk away with.

The Quote

There is a God and I’m not it.
Twelve-step saying.

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Adena shares the story of growing up with the knowledge that she needed to help people, and as a result, help the planet.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Adena talks about an experience she had of working at an addiction treatment facility and of getting into a power struggle with a particular client.

Adena’s Why

What keeps me going is seeing the miracles that happen for my clients, being a victim of trauma in childhood and then letting go of the role. Going from victim to survivor to thriver.

Adena’s Advice

  • Get into your own therapy, and continue to stay aware of who you are.
  • Get into on-going clinical supervision.
  • You’re not going to learn everything you need to know in school, only after, from your clients.
  • Use your critical mind. What feels right to you?
  • Seriously ask yourself the question of why you got into this field in the fi

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