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Mark Gerow is the Director of the Mind Body Spirit Program at Mountainside Treatment Center (drug/alcohol rehab) in Canaan, CT.  Mark spent 12 years in the Armed Forces, a decade as an actor then transitioned to the teachings of yoga.  He is the founder of Lunarhythms Yoga with 22 years teaching experience in all aspects of this science to now include trauma-sensitive therapies.

The Quote

Mark talks about the importance of honoring authenticity and everything that means.

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Mark shares his journey from high school, to the military, to the New York City acting world, to yoga and then to trauma-informed teacher.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Mark talks about an early experience in which he describes honoring catharsis over cautiousness.

Mark’s Why

I’ve felt very lost for much of my life…I feel like I’ve been learning very slowly because of my trauma, and the moment I began to find tools to work with this invisible force that lies within…such liberation…and I want this for others.

Mark’s advice

  • Definitely take a trauma-sensitive training.
  • Having doors that lock so others who are not part of the class can’t come in and surprise the participants, is important.
  • Be mindful not to walk behind people and stay at the head of the room
  • Receive the work yourself.

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