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Linda Gantt has a Master of Arts in Art Therapy and a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies.

She is the owner and executive director of Intensive Trauma Therapy in Morgantown, West Virginia, an outpatient clinic for trauma-related disorders where art therapy is the primary means of treatment.

Linda is also the co-developer along with Carmello Tabone of the Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale, an instrument designed for measuring diagnostic information in drawings.

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What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Linda has been a therapist for 40 years. She shares an incredible story about when she first started as a therapist and how her initial interest in psychosis shifted into her passion for trauma.

A Crucial Early Mistake

The mistakes we made were not paying enough attention to what our clients were trying to tell us without having the words to do so.

Linda’s Why

Because these are where the most exciting developments in mental health are. And something can be done to help people!

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