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Linda Curran is a trauma specialist, veteran clinician, sought after national trainer, best-selling author on trauma and a film producer. Linda has trained thousands of mental health clinicians on trauma treatment across the country. She is President of Integrative Trauma, LLC, in Havertown, Pennsylvania and provides clients an integrative approach to trauma. As an individual and group psychotherapist, she treats simple and complex PTSD in adolescent and adult populations-including clients with co-occurring and eating disorders, sexual trauma, self injury, and Axis II diagnoses.

The Quote

They are survivors. If you don’t have respect for their strength, you can’t be of any help. It’s a privilege that they let you in, there’s no reason they should trust you, none. You can’t know their terror, it’s your worst nightmare come true. A nightmare from which you can never awaken. It’s unrelenting, there has been no safety–no one, no time, nothing. All was tainted. Hope was obliterated time and time again. That they are in our office is a supreme act of valor.

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Linda moved into the specialization of trauma via her work and education at the Gestalt Institute of Philadelphia with phenomenal teachers, Mary Lou Schack, David Henrich, and Philip Lichtenberg (see below).

A Crucial Early Mistake

“Too much too soon.” Linda shares her experience of using EMDR to process trauma with clients who were simply not yet ready to process trauma, and what she learned from that error.

Linda’s Why

“Because it’s the most fascinating field in the world!”

Linda’s “2” go-to books

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