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Dr. Larry Decker has been has been a student of universal Sufism for over 40 years and has been treating combat veterans for over 30 years first in the VA and now in private practice as a contract/provider.

He has published numerous articles in several technical/scholarly journals on the treatment of combat PTSD.

Dr. Decker’s book, The Alchemy of Combat, published by Omega Publications has just been released. In this book Larry presents the process of transforming a traumatic disorder into emotional and psychological growth.

The Quote

Truth clothed in tact becomes wisdom.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Larry shares a story about a Marine who asked Larry come as a guest to a RAP group he had been attending. Larry ended up becoming a member of this particular group but then eventually forming a specialized group for veterans.

A Crucial Early Mistake

When Larry got out of graduate school he did a post-doc in the VA. There, he was assigned to work in the spinal cord injury wards and began working with a young man whom no one else had been able to talk to. Slowly Larry began to develop a rapport with this young guy. One day this patient’s sister and brother in law came in to talk to Larry, as they’d heard he had been working with the young man. This, however, ended up being a huge mistake, Larry explains, because I didn’t get this guy’s permission. After that, he refused to ever talk to me again. From that point on, in order to respect the clients he works with, Larry will not speak with their family members.

Larry’s Why

I’m connected here and it’s something that’s important for me to do in my life. This is what I chose and it’s a very deeply fulfilling a meaningful experience for me.

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