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Kelly McDaniel (a Licensed Professional Counselor & National Certified Counselor) developed the term “Mother Hunger” in her first book Ready to Heal to name the attachment trauma between mother and daughter that creates an environment ripe for love addiction to grow.

Since publication, Kelly speaks regularly at conferences to raise awareness about the cultural and relational complications facing women recovering from addictive habits. 

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Trauma may be a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Somatic Experiencing, founded by Dr. Peter Levine, is a psychobiological method of addressing clients’ physical and emotional trauma conditions, and helps to give voice to their experiences without a need for them to retell the story.

SE focuses on regulation of the nervous system and offers the opportunity to engage, complete, and resolve the body’s instinctual responses to traumatic experiences.

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In her practice, Kelly offers individual healing Intensives to support women healing Mother Hunger.

Set for publication with Hay House in the summer of 2021, Kelly is currently writing her second book. 

In This Episode

Kate Hudgins, PhD. Post-Traumatic Growth & The Therapeutic Spiral Model
Rachel Moore, LMFT. Creativity & Trauma Healing

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