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Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas is an assistant professor of Health Promotion at Charleston Southern University.  She teaches classes on behavioral medicine, program evaluation, and holistic health.

Kate is also an author of the book BRAVE, STRONG, AND TRUE: THE MODERN WARRIOR’S BATTLE FOR BALANCE, a researcher, professional speaker, and yoga instructor who travels the country teaching mental fitness. A former Captain in the Marine Corps, she loves to work with other military veterans.

Kate spends a great deal of time conducting resilient leadership training and is passionate about helping organizations and individuals improve their holistic health, happiness, and quality of life.

The Quote

If we are ourselves resilient we can help others become so.
Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas

A Crucial Early Mistake

Kate shares a story about her she learned what the true definition of leadership was.

Kate’s Why

I can share my lessons learned. I can share what I know about resilience to the younger people coming into the military. This is absolutely my duty

Kate’s advice

  • Regarding resilience: Look at your client’s support and self-care practices and realize that people’s self-care practices are not one size fits all.
  • Offer people the opp to get in touch with their physical body that works for them.
  • We need to ask our clients’ what their notions of spirituality and/or purpose is.

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