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Karen Neuman Allen is the Director of the Social Work Program at Indiana University – Bloomington. She received her MSW and Ph.D. from Wayne State University.

Karen is a licensed clinical social worker as well as a certified trauma therapist and her hospital and private practice involves working with individuals with co-occurring disorders, severe illnesses and traumas such as burns, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, cancer and strokes.

Karen has published over twenty peer-reviewed articles and is the co-author of Social Work Practice in Healthcare: Advanced Approaches and Emerging Trends. Her current areas of research include recovering from trauma, domestic violence, and quality of life and chronic disease.

The Quote

The work we’re doing in trauma therapy is offering a lot of hope to a lot of people and it’s an exciting area to be in!

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

Karen shares the story of how her role as a social work professor inspired her To give my students something that would positively impact their clients.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Karen talks about her experience of working with a mother who was faced with the daunting task of having to place her recently injured son in a private care facility.

Karen’s Why

I think that it’s a privilege to help someone at a time in their neediest and most difficult moment.

Karen’s advice

When you’re dealing with a complex client, look deeply for early childhood and/or family trauma.

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