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This is what it’s about–passion, heart and helping others.

And today, my guest exudes all of those elements.

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CPTSD Foundation

CPTSD Foundation provides live, daily, peer-led, interactive group calls, in a safe atmosphere for survivors of complex trauma, equipping them with skills and information they can use every single day in their healing journey.

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Re-activate the trauma impacted brain with the help of these simple but effective trauma treatment worksheets. Presented by PESI, these take-home hand-outs give your clients structured tools that leverage the latest neuroscience insight to help clients think, express themselves, and finally experience lasting therapeutic improvement. PESI is allowing you to instantly access these today, absolutely FREE! 

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MIA aims to build a website that will offer an eight-week Mindfulness course in Arabic, designed for refugees and people in transition. Any person with internet access may enter the website, free of charge, anywhere around the world. The course will provide practical tools and exercises tailored specifically to support a shaken population that suffered traumas of fear, death and extreme violence.

The website will also provide tools for therapists, social workers, welfare and volunteers who are currently working with refugee populations, so that they may use mindfulness-based tools for their own needs in coping with work stress and related DP camp difficult experiences, as well as passing them on to their clients.

MiA developed out of the work of our founder, Juditta Ben-David, SEP M.A, in refugee camps in Turkey. 

Working there with refugees and their supporters/counselors and social-workers the request for additional tools led to a crowdfunding campaign raising one-half of the funds needed to launch our 8-week course. 

MiA is thankful to be supported by leading Mindfulness instructors like Jon Kabat Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Christopher Titmuss and Patricia Genoud-Feldman as well as Mindfulness providers like Headspace and Mindful Magazine. 

In This Episode

Damon Wood, PhD. Healing Inside A Prison
Timothy Gordon, MSW. The ACT Approach.

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