Jondy Whitis

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Today I’m very excited to have Jondi Whitis on the podcast.

Jondi is a NYC-based Trainer and Practitioner and holds certifications from the largest Energy Psychology associations.

Jondi is passionate about helping veterans, and in this episode, another in our Military Series, Jondi talks about her work healing veterans.

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Jondi, a former Lead Trainer for the Newtown Community Trauma Relief Project, sits on the Training Board of the original non-profit global Tapping association, EFT International.  She continues to create and foster community for Tapping professionals and fans who share her passion for healing in the world through this and her many trainings and annual USA event, The Spring Energy Event.

Using a variety of techniques from the field of energy psychology, Jondi calls herself a ‘People’s Teacher,’ reflecting her love for what is simple, real and useful.  Among her favorite tools are those in the EFT family, Emotional Freedom Techniques, which she uses in conjunction with other adaptations that combine Mindfulness with Meridian-based energy point stimulation.  Jondi has a simple motto, which is, I help people feel better fast.

 In This Episode

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