Jesse Hanson, PhD

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Jesse Hanson holds both a PhD and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. He specializes in neuroscience, somatic (body-centered) psychology and holistic healing. Trained in EMDR and other forms of somatic therapies, Jesse helps clients release held trauma and negative emotions from the body and inspires them to create themselves anew. After more than ten years in the holistic health field and many years of working with a multi-faceted treatment team approach at Passages Malibu, Jesse brings his experience to the Helix Healthcare Group as clinical director of a holistic and integrative approach to treating addiction, trauma, and wellness.

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Jesse Hanson, PhD

What Led to the Specialization of Trauma?

From Virginia, to California, to Canada, Jess has been on a quest of self-exploration and helping others which has included the use of somatic work psychology which eventually led to the field of trauma.

A Crucial Early Mistake

Jesse shares the story of working with a particular client and allowing the client to get too deep too fast with her story.

Jesse’s Why

The ability to get to witness my clients transforming is amazing and very humbly it does help me heal, too.

Jesse’s advice

  • Invite ourselves to see trauma not as a noun but as a relationship between what happened and how our clients interacted with that.
  • Even if you think you’ve had a perfect childhood, you’ve most likely had a disrupted nervous system. Listen to that and explore it.
  • Do your own trauma work!

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